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Simplify the hard things in life.

Simplify your goals and get things done with mentor, your personal assistant
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Start making progress today

Struggling to kickstart a life ambition? Overwhelmed by planning? mentor is designed to guide you through complex goals by breaking them down and helping you conquer each step.

Simplify your goals
Mentor breaks down your goal into smaller tasks, making it easy to get started.
Get stuff done
Stop procrastinating. Mentor provides all the tools you need to start making progress today.
Stay on top
Get a clear view of your goals and milestones in one place.

Complex goals to simple tasks


Explore guides and resources


Achieve your goals with ease


Unlock your progress
Each task comes with its own personalized mentor that provides detailed breakdowns, information, step-by-step guides, and reference materials to help you achieve your goals.

How can I improve my idea definition?

Focus on clarity: Describe the core problem your software solves and the main benefits users will gain. Keep it simple and avoid jargon to ensure anyone can understand your idea easily.


You're doing an excellent job! Keep up the momentum! If you need anything else, I'm here to help.

Stay supported
Mentor is available 24/7, so you always have the help you need to stay on track.
Discover our key features

Mentor crafts unique questions to understand, and help you understand, your goal.

Milestones and tasks

Mentor breaks goals into milestones and tasks, making it easy to get started.


Get information, guides, book recommendations, and more.

Chat with mentor

Ask questions, get motivation, or just use your mentor as a companion.

Track your progress

See how you're doing across your goals on the mentor dashboard.

Desktop and mobile

Mentor is built for desktop and mobile. Stay on track, anytime, anywhere.

The idea is really cool, the interface is simple, the question system is relevant and the tasks are consistent. I will use Mentor in my daily life.
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Mentor is delightful. The UI/UX is fluid and intentional. It's neat to see how the AI breaks down your goals into todos. I think it's especially useful for ideating and thinking through how to take on projects.
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It's fascinating! I entered my goal of 'I want to run a marathon', and it helped me plan out a detailed schedule! This makes my goal seem more achievable, and I plan to continue using it to see.
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I was so delighted with the AI in the onboarding flow; it felt like there was a real intelligence guiding me through. This is one best I've seen for AI-powered apps; it captures a 'unit of intelligence' and applies it in my workflow.
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I needed to plan a huge work event with hundreds of people and the task seemed daunting. Mentor helped me break it down into steps and made the first few of them very easy to do. As I started making progress, the goal did not seem so hard anymore.
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