Introducing Mentor

Ever set an ambitious goal only to never end up getting to it? Meet Mentor, the solution to turning your goals into smaller, easily accomplished tasks.

What is Mentor?

Mentor is your personal AI-powered goal management coach. By understanding your objectives, Mentor devises a practical, step-by-step plan tailored just for you. From abstract ambitions to achievable tasks. And with our AI powered guide me feature, no task is too big. Mentor will find resources and break it down further if needed.

Mentor dashboard

How does it work?

We worked hard to make the user experience as easy and delightful as possible. There are four simple steps to use Mentor.

  1. Enter your goal
  2. Answer a few insightful questions
  3. Get a custom task breakdown
  4. Use the guide me feature for further assistance and resources

Task breakdown

User success stories

Although we are just getting started, we have received very positive feedback so far. Our early adopters have been able to break down and start tackling fitness, work and finance goals.

I needed to plan a huge work event with hundreds of people and the task seemed daunting. Mentor helped me break it down into steps and made the first few of them very easy to do. As I started making progress, the goal did not seem so hard anymore.

We are looking forward for you to join them. 🙂

What Mentor is not

Mentor is not a task management app, neither we plan to be one. Our focus is not in making sure you buy groceries or check your emails. Instead, we focus on ambiguous, hard to understand and hard to break down goals.

Our mission is to help you succeed in areas where you haven not been able to make the progress you would like and the progress you can make.

What's next?

This is just the beginning. Future updates will focus on increasing accountability and offering reminders to keep you on track.

If you can think of any features that you would love to see on Mentor, please let us know. Your feedback is not just welcome, it is essential for making Mentor better for everyone.

Thank you

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